Kenneth J. Drum & Associates

Kenneth J. Drum

Kenneth J. Drum

Florida based political consulting firm
dedicated to helping candidates win
elections for local offices

We offer several election campaign packages for any local office.

Organizing, training, fund raising, targeting, voter identification and GOTV (get out the vote) programs are a few of the many campaign components that we can install into your campaign.

These components can be infused into your election campaign by telephone consultations, training sessions, in-person consultation or actual “on the ground” supervision and management.

Whether it be for a primary election, a general election or a non-partisan election we have the answers.

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Free Initial Consultation

●    A free in-person, on-site, initial consultation for up to two hours is provided without obligation in order to do a campaign assessment.

●    The assessment can be done individually or with a small group.

●    If the consultation site is outside of Collier or Lee County, FL travel expenses will be billed; otherwise, there are no charges.

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