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Kenneth J. Drum

Kenneth J. Drum Biography

Kenneth J. Drum, the principal of the firm, holds a masters degree from the business school of Northern Illinois University.

After twelve years of teaching he became the secretary-treasurer of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, currently a 90,000 member organization. Mr. Drum managed the daily operations which included thirty-three field staff and a five person legislative staff.

During his twenty year tenure he was involved in over 700 elections. Referendums, initiatives, political offices, employee representation and advisory (straw) ballots made up the different kinds of election experience. Mr. Drum was also a registered lobbyist.

As a resident of Florida he has worked or given advice in numerous local and state elections achieving a victory percentage of over 90%.  A partial list is located on this site along with several testimonials.

Mr. Drum is currently an elected supervisor of the Lely Community Development District in Naples, FL. He has held the position for the last ten years.

He is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants.