Consulting Packages

Unlimited phone and e-mail consultations throughout the campaign
Live professional campaign advice 24/7 with “how to” solutions on any campaign subject. E-mails throughout the campaign that follow the campaign plan activities. Templates can be provided that ensure a better implementation of any aspect of the campaign plan.
●    Attendance at on-site campaign staff meetings  
Provides in-person advice at any campaign meeting or training session–limited to ten hours per month. Additional time will be billed at an hourly rate. Expenses for travel outside of Lee and Collier Counties will be billed separately.

●    Creation of a written campaign plan and work plan
A campaign assessment is a necessity for challengers and first-time candidates. All candidates including incumbents need a campaign plan that starts with a theory of how to achieve victory. A detailed work plan is the roadmap to winning your election. Without it, you can get lost.

   Fundraising plans throughout the campaign
Money is needed to get your message to the voters. Fundraising is often cited by candidates as the most difficult and unpleasant activity in a campaign. We will explore the different methods of raising money throughout the campaign and give you the tools to be successful.

    Precinct analysis and targeting supporters
Presents an analysis of previous elections blended with an identification of persuadable voters. Precinct analysis and targeting saves precious campaign resources and focuses your efforts on the right people.

  •  Voter identification
    Identify your supporters prior to election-day. A must if you’re going to have a get out the vote operation. Identify absentee, early, and election-day voters. Target the “under-vote”. Phone banking and door to door canvassing
    We have proven systems that can generate large numbers of positive voters. Know where your voters are. Develop your campaign message by listening to voters.

    ●    Get Out the Vote campaigning
    GOTV can be the difference between winning and losing close elections. Avoid turning out your opponent’s supporters. We have proven systems for getting your vote to the polls.

    ●    Website development and personal messaging
    Integrate into your campaign a permissive e-mail system with personal messaging that achieves results. Contact thousands of voters at a low cost per contact. Be able to instantly respond to any new campaign development.

    ●    Developing name recognition and media coverage
    Establish an ongoing program to increase name recognition through earned media coverage. Build a defense system against “negative” campaigning by your opponent. Be better prepared for media endorsement sessions and candidate forums.