Our Services

Cost Effective and Affordable Solutions for Small Budget Campaigns

●    We tailor your needs to fit within your campaign budget.

●     We use time tested political campaign organizing strategies.

●    For candidates in non-partisan elections, we are not attached to any political party.
This enables us to work for you with no hidden agenda or strings attached.

●    Candidates can select the levels of service they prefer and the method of delivery.

Example of Services

Unlimited phone and e-mail consultations throughout the campaign

●    Attendance at onsite campaign staff meetings

●    Creation of a written campaign plan and work plan

●   Fundraising plans throughout the campaign

●    Precinct analysis and targeting supporters

●    Voter identification

●    Phone banking and door to door canvassing

●    Get Out the Vote campaigning

●    Website development and personal messaging

●    Developing name recognition and media coverage

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The delivery method of services is the client preference.

Services may be delivered through on-site visits, volunteer workshop training sessions, telephone consultations and “on the ground” supervision and management.

Services may be bundled and fees will vary depending upon the size of the electorate and the extent of involvement.

Travel expenses will be charged outside of Collier and Lee counties.